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Born to a caterer mum and a dad who worked at Kenya Breweries, Kalekye describes her parents as strict but loving. She was an administrator. This also led to the assumption that she was paid a sum of 4 million an equivalent of month salary when she left Kiss. She subsequently landed a deal with Kericho Gold. But earlier in , Kalekye shook the media with pictures of an engagement ring placed on her finger with captions sounding the bells of engagement.

Accessorising is her drug.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. Kalekye Mumo is a striking woman, the kind that owns a room the minute she walks in. I struggle to put my finger on her X factor. Is it her confidence, her smile, the way she walks? Then she speaks, and I have it: Kalekye Mumo has a voice that commands attention. A laugh that prods one to join in. She certainly knows how to mix up the stylish and the comfortable.

As we settle down at a table in the restaurant, I notice the curious glances from other diners. I am a curvaceous African woman.


I’m a whole new woman Saturday April 2 Popular radio host Kalekye Mumo has been recently hogging headlines after stunning Kenyans with an impressive 40kg weight loss that she says has given her a new lease of life. Oh wow, just about everything under the sun that suits my body type. I walk right past most people in the most unlikely of places.

She was an administrator.

Kalekye Mumo Kalekye had been warned instantly by her doctor about the condition of her weight, she explained why she was forced to shed off excess weight. She lost her weight in only one easy and manageable way. Fat loss lab Kenya is an individualized and medically monitored weight loss program that uses food only to balance hormones and lead to fast fat loss. But not so much is known about this radio queen with a charming voice on Kiss FM.

The following are some unsung facts about Kalekye. She was diagnosed with a hip condition at a tender age of 3 years, this left her immobilized for the better part of her early ages. She has an irritable bowel syndrome which is punctuated by chronic abdominal pain discomfort and loose bowel muscles. This has affected her milk and bread menu intake Her first job was an administrator at Homeboyz in Her dad worked at Kenya Breweries and was very strict about her drinking habits She looks Jameson whiskey.

She is a daddy kid though she loves and adore her mother. She is still single and has left so many men guessing on her next relationship move Being over-weight was not an issue to her until the doctor sounded a warning.

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I really wanted the technical side of it.

She is the host of Talk Central on K She then moved to do sound production at Rough Cuts. After that she went to Medeva TV as a sound engineer, then to Capital FM as a breakfast host before leaving for Kiss as a news editor and reader and finally a Drive presenter. Then on the Morning Kiss as a breakfast anchor. In July she left her job at Kiss to focus on her PR company. Talking to you, being part of your lives and even more the experience selling brands on air has taught me so much.

And now after beginning the year celebrating big milestones… I turned 40, lost 40kgs… I decided to keep it big by opening a PR company. She replaced Erick Njoka who had been hosting show.

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May 23, If you have been following Vera Sidika on social media for the past couple of years, you will notice that from time to time she has been promoting a type of tea that will help women in losing weight. It looks like Vera Sidika has decided to launch her own competing product that does the same function. She named it after herself by calling it Veetox Tea. She says it is an outstanding herbal detox that help in reducing bloating, cleaning digestive system, improve metabolism and burn belly fat.

Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba Opens in Havana.

Kalekye Mumo has a had a good stint for 10 cool years of pure bliss and possibilities after starting off on Rush hour where she made a name for herself alongside bad boy Shaffie Weru. Their Camaraderie and chemistry was so good that they moved to the morning show where she has been doing her thing up to now. What begins must always come to an end, the saying goes and unfortunately for all Kiss listeners, that time has come as Kalekye Mumo will no longer be entertaining you in the morning.

After getting inside information pertaining to her exit and according to her; the time had come where she has to make that major step in her life, she had to rebrand. She still had a lot of adoration for her fans that have been a major pillar of support and she will continue to cherish them just on another capacity. Kalekye Mumo revealed that her PR company had signed a major contract with one of the biggest makers of quality blends of Tea, Kericho gold. And this is all thanks to her dramatic 40 Kg weight loss that saw her look much younger than In a period of 8 weeks, Kalekye Mumo managed to shed off the Kilos and the years thanks to the intervention of Fat Loss Lab Kenya as she revealed during her party.

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You might be wondering about it all these days right? Go through this article to know her lifestyle and what led to her sudden weight loss. A famous person born in the year of , a musician, media personality and healthy lifestyle ambassador on the YouTube Channel.

The radio queen has kept her boyfriend and relationship a secret for a long time now and you can bet ears are itching for more.

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Finlay Prize for Microbiology. Third Strategic Studies Conference sessions in Havana. State Department Official on Cuba. The Department of State warns U.

Accessorising is her drug.

Congratulations on your win for Best lead actress in Film at Kalasha Did you expect to win? It was a stiff competition and there was no way to really tell who would have taken it. What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard your name get called out? I thought they were wrong. I just wanted them to call my name over and over again.

Vera Sidika Launches Her Veetox Tea In A Star Studded Lavish Ceremony (PHOTOS)

They are the pillars of our families and we are proud of them. I love you and you are the best.. Thank you, God bless you. Happy Mothers Day to you both and to all mothers out there????

I am happy that I am alive, that I have a chance to make a difference in the world, that I have friends and family that loves me just the way I am — a plus size, sexy, beautiful woman.

Last weekend all roads led to K. C, for the annual Chaguo La Teeniz awards. Angel poses with Kenyanna. Jua Cali perfomed for the outer crowd before he made his way to the main hall. He was voted ‘teeniz role model’ and was up against Wangari Maathai and Julie Gichuru But we all know Jua Cali deserved it. Do you think the crowd loved me? Na hiyo ni maendeleo Tony Njuguna’s tummy leads the way. Jimwat arrived in a merc. Lord of the rings Word has it that that Wyre was sponsored by Detol Cool.

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