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Tutorial – Textured Mani By Layering A few months ago I had come across a blog that talked about how to make any of your polishes textured like a liquid sand by layering over a textured polish. I tried to find the blog post but couldn’t, so I am unable to provide a link. If anyone knows which blog did this a few months back with Zoya Godiva please let me know; I would like to give credit to my inspiration!

Big thanks to Michelle from Lacquer or Leave Her who also did a posting on this topic here for reminding me where my inspiration came from. I first saw this layering technique on Bee Polished!

Then I applied the pinky shadow with a large fluffy brush, concentrating the colour and shimmer on the inside corner of my eye before sweeping the remainder up and over my crease and towards my brow.

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Paleberry: OPI Euro Centrale

Thursday, November 21, Some nail polishes make your nails and fingers look better. I’ve done some basic freehand ombre nail art that even a beginner can pull off, but first, here are swatches of Dating A Royal, from O. The formula is crelly, which means it is somewhere between a creme and a jelly incidentally this is my first crelly polish. I had opacity in two coats, though the first coat was watery and streaked on some of the nails.

Just take a look at those swatches – we have in sunlight and in natural light. I’m getting mystery and sophistication here.

Then we will take a closer look at those which are the closest.

February Favorites Hello hello! Today, I will be sharing my favorites from last month February. I haven’t done this for quite some time now and I’m actually excited on doing it again. Right after I shower, I would towel dry my hair to the point that it’s not dripping anymore, spray this then blow dry my hair. It smells good and it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or whatsoever. Every time I use this, my hair feels sooo soft! Every night, I wash my feet before going to bed and massage this foot cream onto my feet then I would put on a pair of socks.

This foot cream made my feet soft and smooth. Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster – This baby right here is a bit expensive for 1 oz. Luckily, I got this in one of my sample boxes that I receive monthly.

dating a royal opi

Birthday Mani and Update Hi everyone! As some of you might know, yesterday, 20 Sept, was my birthday! I had a birthday dinner with my family on the 18th because my dad have to go to Malaysia on the 20th. But anyway, I had a great time! I also got a birthday card from Sara!

I can see how this could grate on one’s nerves, especially if one is a legit foodie and has a more refined, Frasier Crane palate and sense of humor than what’s seen on the show.

The weather here has been lovely lately, warm, but not muggy and gross. Not too hot, not raining all the time, it’s like it’s not even Connecticut! It’s a little darker than a pastel, but not quite a bright blue either. This was three thin coats. I did still have some streaks on the ring nail here. Several of the polishes in this collection had the tendency to be streaky, which I thought was strange since OPI’s pastels have been fantastic recently. It makes me think of strawberry milkshakes or ice cream, yummmmmmm!

Plisherrific: Precious Pearl

Final nail polish sale part 1 Hi guys, So I haven’t been on here in ages. I didn’t feel like doing my nails and if I did, I didn’t feel like taking pictures of what I had on. In other words, it seems like I’m not into nailpolish that much anymore, even though I still love all the sparklies and buy a new bottle every once in a while.

I’ve decided to get rid of most of my polishes, keeping a few favorites but ditching the rest.

I have used Revlon’s Top Speed polish as a base pink.

It is a bright royal blue with a metallic sheen. It is true blue no green undertones , very glossy looking and in the sun this colour just glows! I bought this colour at the airport en route to a tropical holiday destination, My case already contained about 7 bottles of OPI and when I saw how vibrant this blue was, gleaming away on the OPI stand I just had to have it! The colour looks great on fingers and toes, especially with a tan. It compliments denims, any nautical colour themed outfits and I also think it looks great with bright yellows and other citrus colours as a contrast love this on my toes when I wear my bright orange Jimmy Choo sandals.

This colour is also a good base for various glitters to get different effects e. You can get away with 2 coats for this polish, but for an absolutely perfect finish that looks like blue satin – I use 3. Does it stain the nails?


Cherry Blossom Season in Hawaii I’m back from the grave! So much drama that I’m over it and now moving on. Saturday my boyfriend and I went up to Wahiawa to see if the cherry blossoms have bloomed or not. I’m pretty sure everyone is pretty skeptical that there are cherry blossoms in Hawaii.

I’m not used to the different shaped confetti glitter and I don’t see much red in it.

Nail Haul Sorry for the lack of posts, I have had family birthdays, meals and get together, and work has been crazy busy this week too. But I hope to have lost of posts and Halloween nail ideas in the upcoming weeks. So I had to stock up on goodies before this festive season begins. OPI DS Extravagance – Not something I would normally chose but I like it, perfect for what I wanted it for photos coming soon DS Coronation – Not sure how I feel about this one, I wanted super dooper holographic, and it just didn’t deliver, currently being worn on my toes, soon to be replaced by Glove you so Much.

I thought I was being good as typically OPI release an orange with their Halloween collections, but oh no not this year. To me Flit A Bit screams pumpkin! Pink of Hearts – surprisingly I have already worn this, and I kinda like it, a pretty pale pink packed full of shimmer Unripened – from this years Halloween collection, or Couture as it is being promoted in the UK??

It looks to me like a navy base with turquoise glitter that turns purple in the light, can’t wait to wear this one. Shame all the colours didn’t come in full size bottles or I would have tried them all Glow-ink in the Dark – From last years Halloween Collection I believe, the colour of this reminds me a bit of dating a Royal, and how could I pass up a glow in the dark polish?

Nail Polish Society: August

It was really grey, cold, and almost no light. Rare for North Carolina! Despite it being the worst day, I think this is one of the best polishes that I own. So good in fact, that the last time I wore this, I had the following exchange with my cousin.

This is three thin coats again.

Sometimes I’m disappointed and other times I’m stunned. Can you guess which I am this time? Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter is stunning in the bottle, but there really aren’t many polishes that live up to what you see in the bottle once on your nails. They almost always leave you slightly disappointed. But not this one! I am amazed at how well it photographs as well. Pinky Glitter looks like a very bright hot pink in the bottle.

However, it goes on a very pretty light pink if it’s not layered.

makeroomforcupcake: October

If you haven’t seen my live swatch and review of this entire collection then click on the link below. In my review video I talk about the formulation of each polish and the application. I also share which polishes are my favorite from the collection. So, check it out!

Even though the inspiration for these comparisons was to see how the new OPI and Sally Hansen sheers stacked up against each other, doing them reminded me how much I liked the L’Oreal jellies, and how much fun some of the stuff Maybelline did back in day was.

Reply Megan August 3, , 7: You cant help that people steal them. If you want to use any more of my colorizations feel free. Fanpop has taken it without crediting me. Reply Beautifully Invisible August 3, , 6: I have updated the credit to link back to your deviantart page. Hope that is OK — you did a beautiful job with the picture! Reply Sky July 21, , According to Vogue http:

China Glaze

Some may also need to be shaken up; I had over 1, bottles of polish at the start of the sale and there was no way I could shake them all up completely for the photos or my arms would have fallen off. Email me with the list of items you want. I will send you a PayPal money request for the items still available from your list, including shipping costs. I’ll also send you an email with an invoice of your order and to alert you that you need to make your PayPal payment.

Shame all the colours didn’t come in full size bottles or I would have tried them all Glow-ink in the Dark – From last years Halloween Collection I believe, the colour of this reminds me a bit of dating a Royal, and how could I pass up a glow in the dark polish?

Floss Gloss – swatches Hey Guys, So I know I’ve been out of action for like, a month, what with my exams then heading back to Galway and a pile of other poopy things, I really haven’t felt any love for nail polish for a while. But I’m back and back with some swatches. Seriously these are insanely sweet. Not to mention how cute the packaging they came in and they had stickers which of course are on my lappy top.

I couldn’t get some of the colours to photograph well especially Con limon which is pretty much highlighter green amazeballs but I tried my bestest with what I have. First off we have Perf which is the perfect Barbie pink with a hint of lavender to it. Glowstar is up next which is a stunning green white. Sounds like madness but it is beautiful, like an ultra pastel green.