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Whether it’s Lindsay Lohan trying to steal Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, or Nicole Hilton dating Mischa Barton’s ex, or Angelina Jolie going where Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many many more have gone, it’s pretty safe to say that in Hollywood, six degrees of separation is usually three degrees at best. That doesn’t make it any less gross, though. There was no doubt in the minds of revelers at Stereo the other night that DJ AM had moved on from his long relationship with Nicole Richie.

The disc-spinner invited hottie actress Michelle Trachtenberg into the deejay booth where the cozy pair were seen billing and cooing. Trachtenberg, in a sexy red, low-cut top, later fired up the crowd by dirty-dancing with Bijou Philips, but she left in the wee hours with DJ AM. I can understand why some celebrities might get their fair share of play around Hollywood, but why all these C, D, E and F-Listers are continuously hooking up with each other in some pathetic attempt to raise their profile is beyond me.

Todd had grown up in a small farming town in Nebraska.

Georgina Sparks is a recurring character in the Gossip Girl novels and in the television series of the same name. She is portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg. Georgina appeared in 28 episodes. Contents [ show ] Summary Georgina is an old frenemy of Serena van der Woodsen ‘s. Also a member of Upper East Side society, Georgina is known for being even more rebellious than Serena and often involves herself in dangerous and crazy situations. During the first and second seasons, Georgina played a minor role but she returned for longer periods for seasons three through six.

During season four she gives birth to her son, Milo Humphrey , and marries Philip Becker. She is described as having long dark hair and being very pale and skinny. She and Nate date briefly, but break up after he realizes he isn’t interested in her crazy behavior. At one point, she, Serena, and Chuck Bass go sledding while naked and drunk. Georgina and Chuck are arrested, and his parents bail them out of jail and keep the story under wraps. As a gesture of gratitude, Georgina’s family gifts Chuck a monkey that he names Sweetie.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

I’m not being deliberately evasive about him, it’s just that there’s so little to say. I didn’t have the money these kids had”. I was telling them that I had back problems and had to go to the doctor the whole time”. At the audition, Gellar read both her own lines and those of Harper, impressing the directors enough to cast her in the role. For Hire and Crossbow.

Nowadays that kind of humor is common.

Trachtenberg had a religious upbringing, [4] and her grandparents reside in Israel. She then starred in the short-lived television series Meego , which garnered her a Young Artist Award. She also starred in the film Can’t Be Heaven. In the summer of , she took on the role of Dawn Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer , remaining in the role until the show ended in She also hosted the Discovery Kids series Truth or Scare from to In the film, Trachtenberg played a science whiz named Casey Carlyle, who is torn between a future in academia and her newfound dream of being a professional figure skater.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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This worried Jaime to death.

People Staff March 23, But after a dislocated knee, a few torn ligaments and some intense workouts, the year-old developed some real skills on the ice — even landing a single toe loop for her role as a math whiz who masters figure skating. Laughs How many of the falls did you take yourself? I fell on my butt a couple of times in front of a couple of thousand extras, that was awesome.

When you laugh it all goes away. So was getting on the ice a dream for you? And Michelle did a cameo in the movie. It was so cool. I was just, like, the biggest nerd. She got on the ice and we skated around.

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She’d been reduced to this embarrassing babbling mess, and that was when she knew she was in love. And look where she had ended up; depressed and alone on minimum wage looking after her broken-hearted teenage daughter.

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Michelle Trachtenberg

I think you drew blood this time. I got filled up this morning on……. She got so lost in contemplation of being licked and sucked that she walked right into the person in front of her. They were too far apart in age to really have much in common, but they still waved when they saw each other and talked from time when they had time off on the set at the same time.

Her mind was being overloaded by the images all around her so a chance to recover was definitely appealing.

Roselyn untied her white bathrobe and let the sides drift down to her sides.

Michelle Trachtenberg is an American actress. She is best known for portraying Nona F. Michelle is an American by nationality and she is of Russian-German Jewish ethnicity. She is the younger of two daughters of Lana Trachtenberg mother , a bank manager, and Michael Trachtenberg father , an engineer. She was interested in acting since her childhood age. Professional Life and Career Michelle made her acting debut at the age of three. After that, she went on to feature in over more commercials.

Her first big role was as Nona F.

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