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Once you have figured out that Patents represent the correct form of Intellectual Property which you need to protect, two important questions need to be addressed: How much will it cost to get a patent registration in India? Whom do I trust to help me get a patent or I do it myself?

Recently, in May , one of the applications was rejected by the patent office.

If no communication is heard after this period, application is deemed to be abandoned 21 24B 4 12 If the application if found in order of grant, it is granted expeditiously with seal of patent office and date on which it is granted is registered in register of patent office 43 Note: The type of questions likely to be asked is usually in case studies, this question has also been asked as Short note in October paper, questions like how will you obtain a patent in shortest possible time- The answer is File complete specification first instead of provisional, then request for early publication through Form 9, fees Rs 10, Legal entity , and after publication immediately file for RFE through form 18, Fees: Rest of the steps from are compulsory for grant of patent.

This helps to obtain patent in shortest possible time. Below are some questions which can be answered using the above table Jan Your client has applied for a provisional patent application in India. Draw a time line of all the important events till the date of grant of her patent application as per the Indian Patents Act and Rules.

Questions related to postdating of application Dec Request to post date the application as per S. By doing this the applicant receives 6 more months to file the complete specification Option 2: Abandoning the application Do not file the complete specification if the priority date is not important then by section 9 1 the patent will get abandoned automatically and a fresh patent application can be made. Applicant may decide to request the controller within 12 months from the date of filing to treat the specification as provisional specification and proceed with the application Table for Forms and Fees Fees Rs.

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Arranged alphabetically by surname of grantor. Contains the following indexes: A grantor index of deeds that were the subject of court proceedings and the descriptions of which were recorded in four volumes that are possibly no longer extant. Warrant Applications During William Penn’s administration an application was an oral request to locate, rent, or buy a particular piece of land. Originally, such requests were not recorded but from requests were recorded in the minute books of the Commissioners of Property.

EPO As per Article 87 4 of the European Patent Convention EPC , the post-dated patent application may be considered as a priority application, provided that, at the date of filing the subsequent application, the previous application has been withdrawn, abandoned or refused, without being open to public inspection and without leaving any rights outstanding.

Apr 01, , US tech giant Apple has filed a patent for new technology that aims to make texting while walking safer by replacing the text background with a live video feed of whatever is in front of the smartphone user. Many smartphone users keep their eyes glued to the screens while texting and walking which can cause them to stumble over or bump into obstacles. Apple’s ‘ transparent texting ‘ aims to solve this problem by overlaying messages on a live video feed from the rear camera of the smartphone.

This will allow users to see what is happening beyond their phone and text at the same time. The patent describes how the transparency feature could be activated by pressing a transparency button within a texting session that switches on the video feed. The feature would then ensure text bubbles appear overlaid over the live background video.

The text bubbles themselves could be opaque or semi-transparent, according to Tech Crunch. The patent, originally filed in September , details potential extensions of the concept of transparent texting, including replacing the background of a webpage with a live video feed, so that the text of a website is overlaid over whatever environments the device user is moving through. A recent study by researchers from University at Buffalo in the US found that texting while walking may result in more injuries per mile than distracted driving.


Sep 08, , The patent office for the first time made a clear interpretation of the Patents Amendment Act, to mean that if a software has novelty, is inventive or tangible, and has proper technical effect or industrial application, it can be patented. The guidelines serve as a reference for officers in granting patents. Software product industry experts are against modifying the law to make computer programs easily patentable, arguing that innovation in the area is often incremental and programs are built on top of other programs.

Anon October 22, 7:

The Indian Patents Act facilitates a patent application, whether provisional or non-provisional, to be post-dated under Section 17 of the Patents Act, , to a maximum of six months, from the date of making of such application, provided that the request for post-dating has been filed by the applicant before the grant of the patent.

Similar provisions of post-dating a patent application also exist in New Zealand and United Kingdom. However, the United States of America does not have any provision for post-dating of patent applications. A double edged sword Justice N. In certain cases, post-dating of a patent application may provide the applicants with an extension of time to complete certain post-filing formalities of the patent application. However the applicant should ensure that the invention covered by the patent application has not been publically disclosed either by the applicant himself or by any third party before post-dating the application.

It is preferable if a thorough search of patent and non-patent literature is conducted to ensure that there is no disclosure of similar subject matter as that of the invention, by any third party, in the intervening period. Analysis of the Indian statute In situations where an applicant has filed a provisional specification followed by a complete after provisional CAP specification, the applicant, under Section 9 4 , may request the Controller, any time before the grant of the patent, to cancel the provisional specification and post-date the provisional specification to the date of filing of the CAP.

Under Section 17 1 , the applicant has the option of filing a request to the Controller to post-date any application by a maximum period of six months from the original filing date.

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The word yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests. Yoga was slowly refined and developed by the Brahmans and Rishis mystic seers who documented their practices and beliefs in the Upanishads, a huge work containing over scriptures.

The Upanishads took the idea of ritual sacrifice from the Vedas and internalized it, teaching the sacrifice of the ego through self-knowledge, action karma yoga and wisdom jnana yoga. Classical Yoga In the pre-classical stage, yoga was a mishmash of various ideas, beliefs and techniques that often conflicted and contradicted each other.

Written some time in the second century, this text describes the path of Raja Yoga, often called “classical yoga”.

Several studies have related high prices of medicines to the monopoly situation established by the patent system and other monopoly rights such as data exclusivity.

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India foils Chinese bid to patent ‘pudina’

Share this article Share Patent Bolt , which first broke the story, commented: The cuffs could be controlled internally using various sensors that detect when the person locked in them starts to misbehave, or they could be externally activated by a guard U. Patent Application describes a ‘system for restraining detainees through devices attached to the detainees and configured to administer electrical shocks when certain predetermined conditions occur.

Alternatively, whoever is guarding the captive could choose when to administer electric shocks, or a signal could be sent automatically when, for example, the detainee moves beyond a certain range. According to the patent application, safety mechanisms could be included in the control mechanism of the cuffs to stop the detainee from receiving too much current too quickly.

Mediterranean, Arabia, and India.

Bumble will expand in India with the help of actress Priyanka Chopra Bumble will expand in India with the help of actress Priyanka Chopra Finance Bumble, which forces women to take the first step, announced Wednesday its intention to launch in India later this year. The Indian celebrity Priyanka Chopra, new investor of the company, will give its opinion on the enlargement.

The news comes less than a week after rival Tinder launched a My Move feature in India, which offers women the opportunity to prevent men from engaging in a conversation. But Bumble’s efforts for expansion in India have been going on for some time. Chopra was part of a group of high-level women who helped Bumble launch its networking application, Bumble Bizz, in October Chopra’s director, Anjula Acharia, is also an investor and advisor.

Acharia helped Chopra — who was already established in India — to become famous in the United States.

Bumble to expand to India with the help of actress Priyanka Chopra

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Allowance rate is one of the most common metrics, but allowance rate merely tells us how many applications received NOAs, and nothing of the quality of those applications. Besides merely getting an application allowed, clients are also concerned about the quality and scope of their claims. One way to determine this is by measuring how well a law firm preserves claims through prosecution. The following list is composed of firms that registered no change or a decline in number of claims and is ranked based on percent change between publication and allowance.

Its average number of independent claims at publication is 3. Its average number of independent claims at publication is 2. Since its founding, the firm has been interested in the global protection of intellectual property, representing clients from Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, and South Africa, among others. Its attorneys focus their practice on a wide range of patent technologies, including software, business methods, and plants.

Maiorana, PC is an IP boutique located in the Detroit metro area, with a large portion of its work focusing on computer and semiconductor patent applications. Founded in with two attorneys, the firm has grown rapidly in the intervening years, to a total of 58 employees in Myers Wolin, LLC

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The course shall give an in-depth understanding of patent law to engineers and scientists. This course will help person with a science background to understand the fundamentals of patent law, know the requirements of patentability, learn how to read and interpret patent specifications, analyze patent office procedures and court cases and develop the basic understanding for drafting a patent specification.

A background degree in Science or Technology is preferable. He teaches intellectual property laws and business laws. He is the author of three books on patent law. He is a practicing advocate at the Madras High Court.

Granted, a good mentor may generate lots of talented associates.

Post-Dating Provisional Patent Application: The meaning and merits and demerits of a provisional application have been explained in the previous blog post. Within 12 months of filing a provisional application, the complete specification has to be filed, in order to prevent the provisional application from being abandoned.

This is envisaged in Section 9 1 of the Patents Act, The question that arises then is whether the time limit of 12 months for filing the complete specification can be extended. Section 17 of the Patents Act, states that at any time after filing an application but before the grant of a patent the applicant may request for post-dating the patent application.

However, the post-dating cannot be made to a date later than 6 months from the date on which the application was made. Post-dating provisions under Patent Act: This provision for post-dating a patent application applies to both provisional as well as complete specifications. The content of Section 17 is subject to the provisions of Section 9. The most significant question that arises is whether post-dating a provisional patent application simultaneously increases the time limit for filing the complete application.

In simple words, whether the time limit for filing the complete specification will be calculated from the date of filing the application or from the post-dated date. There is no direct answer to this as neither Section 9 nor Section 17 contains anything about shifting the month deadline. Owing to this different interpretations must be taken recourse to.

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